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Tell a story through photography and treasure all those details of you and your partner forever. A story narrated through looks, smiles, tears of joy and laughter, each of these tokens of love captured in an instant and kept forever both in their hearts and in photographs that will produce a smile in you every time you look at them, making you relive the most special moment of your life.

Fotografias de bodas por Jorge Ortiz

Keep this special day forever

One of the most important days of your life is about to arrive, and making it last forever is my priority. I offer packages designed based on the needs of each of the couples. Find the package that includes everything you need.

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Wedding photography packages

No wedding is similar to another

Each story is unique, and so it is the wedding. It is an event that narrates the beginning of a love movie in each of its acts, and my wish is to transmit that emotion through images. Therefore, being able to get to know each couple well allows me to capture the essence of their story from beginning to end.

Poses for wedding photos

Lugares para sesión de fotos de boda en Guatemala

1. Veil of the bride

Excellent photos can be taken by playing with the bride's veil, from making it float in the wind, to having it cover the bride and groom in a more intimate image.

2. Passionate kiss

This is undoubtedly one of the moments that must be captured. That kiss that the bride and groom give each other at the end of the ceremony, or during the party when expressing their love.

Fotógrafos para eventos Guatemala poses para fotos de boda civil

3. Subtle hug

One of the most classic poses is usually hugs and they can never be absent. From that pose where the groom hugs her fiancé by the waist and from behind, to a front hug where they both meet their faces very gently. The position of the faces can vary according to the essence they wish to convey; from a very romantic look, to a look at the camera, to capturing a beautiful kiss.

4. Intimate look

Many times a look says more than a thousand words, and capturing that communication between the couple in a photo is a beautiful memory that lasts forever.

mejores poses para fotos de boda fotografo para casamiento precio

5. Holding hands

A beautiful wedding pose is one in which both bride and groom hold hands. Both can see eye to eye, as well as look towards the camera, they can pose against the light and move away from the camera. With a simple pose of holding hands you can get a great variety of completely unique and special photos.

fotografos para bodas precios

Professional Wedding Photography

A professional wedding session goes far beyond delivering high-quality photos. It is to create an entire experience from beginning to end, through a personalized service that allows me to offer each of my clients different ideas for this special moment.

sesion de fotos para aniversario de bodas

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