Acatenango Session

Guatemala has incredible places to take wedding photos, but when we sat down with Gabriela and Pepe to discuss where would be the ideal place to take a fantastic photoshoot in Antigua, we were talking in Antigua Guatemala, while we saw that imposing landscape of the volcanoes we decided to go on an adventure a little beyond the ordinary and hike the Acatenango volcano for their wedding photographs.

Hiking a volcano is not such an easy task, I am a hiking lover and I have climbed this beautiful volcano that is 30 minutes from Antigua Guatemala 8 times, but doing a photography session there imposes a very, very different challenge. 5 hours of walking awaited us to do this beautiful session.

One of the questions that I am often asked is if Gabriela went up the volcano in her dress haha ​​but no, she went up it with mountain clothes and when she was up there she changed in a tent that we put up to serve as a room.

The most beautiful thing about being in the Acatenango volcano is seeing the sunrise, standing there at 6am to receive the first rays of light is something indescribable. The photographs of this wedding were something incredible, their wedding was at the Santo Domingo hotel in La Antigua Guatemala and for the post-wedding session we decided to go a little crazy.

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