Wedding venues in Guatemala


A wedding is a special moment that is engraved in our memories forever. Moment that involves several decisions, from the moment the couple commits and says: Yes!, as well as when the bride chooses her dress, and of course, another very important decision is to choose an option among so many wedding venues in Guatemala that best suits the vision of the couple for this special day.

It is a decision that should be thought about a lot, and in which I personally recommend the couple begin by asking themselves the question “what style of wedding do we want to have?” In order to be able to choose from among so many options of wedding venues in Guatemala, the option that best suits them.


Wedding venues in Guatemala

Guatemala, a living, magical and special land. Site that offers multiple spectacular settings to celebrate such a special occasion such as a wedding and to be able to capture unrepeatable moments in photographs that will allow us to remember this moment forever.

For that reason, it is so important to choose a place for the wedding that really makes the couple happy both at the instant moment and when they remember it through the photographs. The biggest advantage we have is that we have a wide variety of wedding venues in Guatemala that offer different characteristics that fit the style that you and your partner choose to celebrate this special and unique moment.


Wedding venues in Guatemala by style


Vintage style

For those who want to have their wedding with a vintage style, wedding venues in Guatemala with classic architecture and “antique” essence such as ruins, old houses or places far from the city are perfect options for this theme.

Characteristics of wedding venues in Guatemala antique:

  • Outdoor areas
  • Wide areas
  • Wooden structures
  • Ruins
  • Patios with flowers and green areas


Vintage style wedding venue options in Guatemala

It has a wide variety of spaces, a beautiful garden with a fountain, corridors with beautiful arches and a wonderful temple with an open roof and altar.

It offers a quiet and luxurious space, with beautiful white architecture inspired by the ruins of the city and beautiful courtyards.

Beautiful hotel with old spaces very suitable for the vintage style with nature as a spectacular background.


Rustic Style

If the couple wishes to celebrate their wedding with a rustic style, country or beach wedding venues in Guatemala are perfect for this style. Spaces with natural characteristics that generate a feeling of tranquility and happiness.


Characteristics of rustic wedding venues in Guatemala:

  • Outdoor areas
  • Wide areas
  • Green areas and trees
  • Wooden structures
  • Huts
  • Farms


Rustic style Guatemala wedding venues options

This is a spectacular space to take pictures with multiple natural backgrounds, as well as offering one of the most spectacular views of the city and the three volcanoes.

It has a beautiful decoration, with colonial-style walls and a lot of nature illuminated to perfection.

This is an ideal place to enjoy a family ceremony, with rustic and very intimate details. It has amazing scenery and an intimate atmosphere. This place is a perfect destination for a small civil wedding.


Fantasy Style

If what you have always dreamed of is to become a princess on your wedding day, enjoying the magic that wedding venues in Guatemala offer to you with large rooms is the best option for a fairy tale wedding style.


Characteristics of magical wedding venues in Guatemala:

  • Spacious lounges
  • Chandeliers
  • Good lighting


Fantasy Style Guatemala Wedding Venues Options

It has different rooms, very elegant, ideal for an event as special as a wedding. You can choose between outdoor lounges and covered lounges.

It has impressive facilities full of history and culture. It has five rooms for up to 500 people.

  • Casa del Té (Tea House)

It consists of beautiful and spacious facilities perfect for such a special occasion. Its colors are bright and at night the light stands out, creating a unique environment that you will surely like.


Wedding venues in Guatemala perfect for you

These are some options for wedding venues in Guatemala that will make this special day an unforgettable evening. Having chosen the place that best suits the wedding style you want to have, will bring a smile on your face and on your loved ones every time they see the photographs of what was the wedding of your dreams.

Allow me to portray every unforgettable moment of tonight in photographs that will last the rest of your life and relive every moment of what will be one of the most special days for you and your partner. Contact me!

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