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Surely you are in the process of planning your wedding and perhaps you have considered the possibility of celebrating your wedding outdoors. Even though you may have some doubts, you feel that being surrounded by nature that day would be magical and special.

And you are right! Make your wedding seem out of a fairy tale thanks to the natural aesthetics and relaxed feel that wedding gardens Antigua Guatemala offer in contrast to the traditional ballrooms.

Do not take your eyes off this blog and know in detail all the benefits you get when celebrating your wedding in wedding gardens Antigua Guatemala, the most beautiful city in Latin America.

The beauty of wedding gardens Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is considered the best preserved colonial city in the entire American continent, which stands out for its Renaissance architecture mixed with Baroque fa莽ades.

It has innumerable gardens decorated with ancient ruins, fountains and flowers, which overlook natural landscapes full of volcanic peaks that dress the view from a distance, offering the best wedding gardens in Antigua Guatemala.

Benefits of Antigua Guatemala wedding gardens

Having a wedding in a garden has multiple benefits that can convince you.

But first answer this question, do you want your wedding to be intimate or something bigger?

Answering this question is a key point, as it can help you choose what kind of garden is best suited for your wedding. An intimate wedding usually has few guests, so choosing a small garden is excellent.

But if it is a large wedding with many guests, Antigua also offers impressive gardens to make your celebration spectacular.

Having already raised the size of the garden you need, the benefits that Antigua Guatemala wedding gardens offer you are:

Decoration already included

Walk down the hall to a decorated garden with beautiful natural flowers and plants. It will not be necessary to invest too much in decoration, since much of it will be included in the same garden.

Its flowers and plants will dress your wedding with a natural grace that will make you, your partner and your guests feel as if they were in a great celebration in a fairy tale.

Enjoy the same natural beauty that Antigua Guatemala wedding gardens offer both at the ceremony and at the party. When contemplating the flowers in the garden, you can avoid the flowers in the centerpieces, since the place has already done the decorating work for you.

Photos full of life

The memories of your wedding that will last forever through the photographs, will be highlighted by the bright pinks, oranges and purples that decorate a garden through its beautiful flowers.

There is nothing more beautiful than a couple kissing in front of the camera, with a beautiful natural landscape full of plants, flowers and mountains that can be appreciated from a garden.

One tip as a photographer is that when you have a wedding in a garden, it is during the day. In this way, the Antigua Guatemala wedding gardens will provide an abundant source of natural light perfect for photography, providing a softer and more natural look, allowing me to capture each wonderful moment with maximum perfection.

For me it would be an honor to immortalize the best day of your life through my photographs, contact me here.

  • Celebrate a golden wedding

In addition, celebrating the wedding during the day will also allow you to take advantage of the beauty of the sunset to portray you and your partner with the beautiful effect that the 鈥済olden hour鈥 provides to the photos.

Wedding gardens in Antigua Guatemala definitely allow you to have an extensive variety of photos thanks to their natural changes of light and the effects they provide, together with their beautiful natural decoration.

Excellent space

The best thing about celebrating the wedding in a garden is the amount of space that you, your partner and your guests will have to move around and not be limited to four walls.

In addition to being an outdoor place, it also becomes a cozy and fun space for children, if they are included in your guest list.

What if the weather is bad?

How to protect yourself from the weather… Surely the biggest question that has been holding you back from making the decision to make your wedding outdoors in Antigua Guatemala wedding gardens.

And it is completely reasonable! That is why I will show you solutions that will help you in this regard.

  • Make sure that the garden has a large white tent or similar, which not only serves to protect from the rain, but also from the sun.
  • And although nobody can control the weather, if you try to make your wedding in seasons where the rains are almost nil.

Best wedding gardens Antigua Guatemala

Next, I will show you the best gardens that Antigua Guatemala offers you to celebrate a unique and spectacular wedding, taken from a fantasy tale.

  • Garden of Las Farolas in Antigua Guatemala

The garden of Las Farolas is one of the best wedding gardens in Antigua Guatemala, full of unique and romantic spaces for a great celebration.

It is the perfect place to carry out an intimate wedding. It offers open-air lounges, terraces and decoration made to measure. It is an extremely romantic place!

  • Garden of Finca Filadelfia in Antigua Guatemala

The Garden of Finca Filadelfia is a farm that has unparalleled natural beauty. Among the wedding gardens Antigua Guatemala, this one stands out for providing a decoration full of trees and beautiful flowers.

Its extensive gardens lend themselves to spectacular weddings surrounded by a lot of tranquility.

This garden is definitely for holding a large wedding, since its spaces have a capacity for 2,000 people.

  • Historic Ezenario Garden in Antigua Guatemala

Ezenario Hist贸rico also stands out among the Antigua Guatemala wedding gardens, as it is the ideal destination if you and your partner are looking to celebrate a reserved wedding, full of details, nature, but above all a lot of history.

This garden offers spaces surrounded by ruins, providing that romantic and ancient touch, as well as a sophisticated atmosphere.

If you are looking for a nice garden, then the area of 鈥嬧婨l Patio de la Fuente is the ideal one for you. It has a capacity for 100 people, with lots of nature outdoors.

Learn more options for wedding gardens in Antigua Guatemala here: Best wedding venues in Antigua Guatemala.

The best wedding gardens Antigua Guatemala perfect for you

These are the best wedding gardens Antigua Guatemala. I hope I have helped you decide which space best suits your style and that of your partner for this special day.

Choosing the place that best suits the wedding style you want to have, will bring a smile to your face and that of your loved ones every time they see the photographs of what was the wedding of your dreams.

Allow me to portray every unforgettable moment of tonight in photographs that will last the rest of your life and relive every moment of what will be one of the most special days for you and your partner. Contact me!

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