How much is spent on a wedding in Guatemala?


What a thrill! He has just proposed to you and you have said yes, what a magical moment. Now it is time to sit down, meditate, and organize the plan for the wedding day.

And I know this process can be a bit tedious, especially when the question “how much does it cost to make a wedding?” comes to you and you do not get a clear answer from any source.

That is why in this article I will tell you about how much is spent on a wedding in Guatemala and all the aspects you should take into account when setting your budget. Go for it!


How much is spent on a wedding in Guatemala?

There is no fixed price!

That’s it. There is no fixed price for how much is spent on a wedding in Guatemala, since this depends on each couple.

The cost of a wedding in Guatemala depends on what the couple wants to add or omit. If you want a big or small wedding, in a room or in an outdoor garden, the kind of decoration you want to have, the dress you want to wear, the kind of memories you want to create through your photos and videos, among other details.

Basically, a wedding in Guatemala can cost around Q50,000. But it can be more or less depending on the things the couple wants to have as part of the celebration.

That is why putting together a wedding budget is essential taking into account what the couple really wants to have on this special day.

But don’t let this weigh you down! Next I will present to you the way to create a wedding budget in order to make planning much easier so you can have an idea of ​​how much is spent on a wedding in Guatemala adjusted to your wishes.


Way to create a wedding budget

Knowing how to organize yourself during the planning of a wedding and knowing in which things it is indispensable to put the money for this special day will allow you to know how much is spent on a wedding in Guatemala and to be able to correctly manage a budget.

The first thing to do is …


Set priorities

When starting to organize the wedding and you want to be clear of how much is spent on a wedding in Guatemala, it is best to draw up a list of priorities.

How do you make a priority list?

You can set priorities through a tiered system. Once the list is drawn up with absolutely all the aspects to consider for the wedding, then you will begin to put your level of importance next to each one.

  • Level “A”: priority number one, “the most important”.
  • Level “B”: intermediate priority, “important”.
  • Level “C”: you will place everything that “is not so important”.

Once each aspect has its level of importance, you can write the list this time in the order of priority that you and your partner have established and thus begin to establish in which aspects you will invest the most according to what you are most interested in. 


The essential aspects for a wedding

Definitely the importance of each aspect depends on the value that the couple places on it. However, there are 3 essential aspects for any wedding to be held and in which the wedding budget must be distributed.


Rental of the place

The rental of the place is one of the main aspects to consider about how much is spent on a wedding in Guatemala and that should be on the priority list of all couples.

Within this aspect, most of the time, not only is the rental of the place included, but also the rental of furniture, catering service and food is included.

This aspect is important since it is the place where the celebration will take place and which occupies the largest part of the wedding budget. In addition, if the place is chosen wisely, you can take advantage of the same decoration or structure of the place for your wedding.


Photography and video

You definitely can’t let a moment as magical as your wedding not be recorded for eternity.

Just as each wedding is unique, the magic that they radiate as well. Being able to capture that through videos and wedding photographs is also essential on this great day.

Know the packages I offer to you for the most spectacular photographs that a bride can have.


Wedding dress

And of course we cannot forget the bride’s dress. An indispensable symbol to return to a magical wedding.

Wedding dress prices vary based on various factors, but it is an investment that should definitely be high on your list, as it is what most brides have dreamed of their entire lives.

There is so much the option of renting the wedding dress, which turns out to be a very affordable option when you can find dresses from Q2,000.

As well as there is the option to buy the wedding dress, which can be found from Q5,000 onwards.


How much is spent on a simple wedding

As we mentioned before, a wedding in Guatemala can cost around Q50,000. It can be more or less depending on the things the couple wants to include as part of the celebration.

With regard to how much is spent on a simple wedding, in the same way that when faced with the question of how much is spent on a wedding in Guatemala, the answer is “it depends.” Since it varies according to the list of priorities of the couple and what they want to both add and omit.

Tips to reduce expenses at a wedding

If you and your partner want to optimize your budget and not go overboard, consider the following tips:

  • Celebrate with your dearest friends and family: don’t feel compelled to include people out of compromise or to avoid hurting feelings.
  • Celebrate in low season: during these seasons, you can find more convenient prices on various services.
  • Celebrate on weekdays: the demand is much lower, so event centers and other wedding providers have more affordable prices for those days.


Has this information been useful to you about how much is spent on a wedding in Guatemala? Let me know in the comments.

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