How to make a wedding dress for pregnant women?


Getting married is one of the biggest dreams of many girls, some very soon others wait a little longer, but what if we are pregnant and want to get married? You do not have to stop, do not think of a conventional dress, because what you need is a wedding dress for pregnant.

Wedding dresses for pregnant women in 2021 are becoming very popular, and for this 2022 its popularity will grow much more. That is why we have created this article, where we are going to teach you how to make a wedding dress for pregnant women, the types of fabrics a pregnant woman should use to feel comfortable and the materials to use.


Why not make a common dress instead of a dress for pregnant women?

Our body has changed, and we must be aware that our measurements are now bigger and that of course, we have a little person inside that needs comfort. Now all the materials that could be comfortable for anyone, in a pregnant woman is not so, and sometimes we must do without tastes like a corset, as it is not convenient being pregnant.

Wedding dresses for pregnant women have the perfect measurements for our tummy and our oxygenation, they are also made of flexible materials that breathe very well and will adapt to our body without any problem.


How to make a wedding dress for pregnant women?

Making a wedding dress for pregnant is not easy at all, if the task of making a normal dress is hard enough, now imagine adding those changes. However, we are here to help you, we have got some great audiovisual material that will help you to know what you need to make a wedding dress for pregnant.


How to make a wedding dress for pregnant women video

In this video you will see the step by step of how to make a wedding dress, we want you to use it as a basis to then create your wedding dress for pregnant from home. Here you will find a detailed tutorial on how to create patterns, how to take the measurements and everything related to the making of the maternity dress.

Once you have learned all the knowledge from the previous video, we move on to another video tutorial specifically for creating a maternity dress.


Pregnancy Dress Making Video

The idea is to join the knowledge acquired in both videos to create our wedding dress for pregnant, although it is really difficult, you just need time to analyze and put into practice everything they teach you.


How to make a wedding dress for pregnant: Summary

If you are a little lazy to watch videos, but you still want to know the most important steps in creating your wedding dress for pregnant women, here are the key points of the confection:



Taking the measurements is the basis of the wedding dress for a pregnant woman, the proportions of the waist, bust and back are where you should have more focus, since a pregnant woman needs comfort, the other parts of the body can maintain the same proportions so they go to the background.



Unless our visual calculations are perfect we can do without them, but the patterns of each of the pieces of the dress are important for accuracy and fit.



It’s time to choose the right stitches and join all the patterns together, here will start the cuts through the fabric to proceed to sew them while we give the shape. This step must be done very carefully as we could lose all the hours of work, because of a bad seam, a bad measurement or joining the wrong piece.


Try on and fit

If you have managed to get your maternity dress to this point, we already take it for granted that you have finished it, just a few final adjustments after trying it on, usually some touch ups are made to enhance or pick up areas of the dress.


Pregnancy wedding dresses guide

There is still much more to discover about wedding dresses for pregnant women, you should know that the fabrics and materials needed to make this dress, are totally different from what you would use with a conventional dress.


Types of fabrics for a wedding dress for pregnant brides.

The ideal dress is the dream of most women and knowing the best fabrics to make a wedding dress is essential! There are several types of fabrics and each of them has its peculiarities. Among all the planning, the wedding dress for a pregnant woman is the most laborious step, that’s because it is one of the biggest symbols of the ceremony and must reflect the personality of the bride, what is the difference between plain fabric and mesh? What are the best fabrics for tailoring?

Among all the fabrics out there, some are more suitable as fabrics to make a wedding dress, either because they are more delicate, luminous or because they fit better, among them we can mention:


Italian satin

Satin can be made of different yarns, but for those who want an impeccable and glorious dress, Italian satin is the most sought after. Its texture is smooth and soft, it gives structure to the model, it is a classic fabric that combines with all bridal styles.



The time of the wedding also involves the choice of fabric, when they are made during the day and in warmer places, muslin is the fabric that brings lightness and fluidity.



When it comes to embellishments, crepe is a beautiful fabric, very common in wedding dresses, it is found in many variations: from wide and voluminous dresses to lighter and flowing gowns.



Tulle is the fabric that brings romanticism to wedding dresses, from details such as transparencies in neckline and sleeves, to wide skirts with layers of tulle. It is a sensitive, delicate and very beautiful fabric.



It is impossible to talk about fabrics to make a wedding dress without mentioning lace, a classic fabric that goes from romantic and traditional brides to the most modern and daring. There are several categories of lace, some more structured and others finer and more delicate. Regardless of the choice, there is no bride that does not go with white and natural lace.


How to choose the right fabric for your pregnancy wedding dress?

The choice of the dress, as well as the fabrics to make a wedding dress for pregnant women, must be very well thought out. It is not only the model that matters, it is necessary to take into account some issues, such as:

  • Place where the ceremony will take place.
  • Time of the wedding
  • Season
  • Average temperature for the week of the wedding.

It is necessary to align the characteristics of the dress with these issues. For example, if the wedding will take place during the day and outdoors, it is likely to require a different fabric than an evening ceremony inside the church.

All of this involves not only the look that the attire transpires, but also the comfort of the bride herself. Since it is a time of much stress and having mitigations such as an uncomfortable dress is not the best of ideas.


Materials for a wedding dress for pregnant women

Even if you are pregnant this is still a conventional dress, only some extra measurements have been adapted to make you look splendid. The materials needed to make a wedding dress for pregnant are:

  • Needles
  • Threads
  • Fabrics
  • Corset
  • Precious stones
  • Tweezers
  • Hooks
  • Rules
  • Measuring tapes
  • Paper
  • Pencil

The amount of all these materials usually varies depending on the model, in the case of fabrics may also require several types, these decisions will be yours and the seamstress to make what best suits your case without sacrificing comfort.


How much does it cost to make a wedding dress for pregnant women?

I think you may be considering having your dress made to measure, at first it seems like a great idea, but then everything gets complicated. If you still want to know what is the cost of a custom made wedding dress, you should consider the following aspects, you may be surprised.



The cost of having a dress made to measure depends a lot on the model, if you can take a simple model or a sketch to the seamstress yourself, the cost will generally be much lower than consulting a stylist to design according to your idea.

Prices can vary greatly depending on the type of dress, wedding dress templates can be found at craft stores for a few dollars or even free on the internet.



It depends on the level of detail of the outfit, a fabric such as white French satin, for example, can be purchased for around $4 a yard. The amount of fabric will depend on the style of the dress and your body type, a straight dress can be made with about 5.5 meters of fabric, but you should also consider the additional supplies and embellishments needed, also crystals and Swarovski pearls can considerably increase the price of the piece.



Choose an experienced seamstress to bring your design to life, ask for samples of her work before you have your dress made. The cost will vary widely, so always ask for a quote, some seamstresses charge by the hour, while others charge by the job.

A wedding dress may require many hours of work to complete, also ask about extra fees and additional costs for alterations. Think slowly enough to make sure the dress is exactly what you had in mind.


Do I buy a maternity wedding dress or have it made?

One of the most difficult decisions every pregnant bride has to make is, do I have my dress made or do I buy a custom dress? Both are great options, but both also have big disadvantages.

Speaking of buying a ready-made dress, they have the advantage of getting you out of a hurry, not so much waiting, and there is usually a great variety of beautiful models that you would surely like, the problem starts when we think that not all pregnant women have the same measurements. Even if you have found the dress that you consider perfect, it may not fit you this time and you have to abandon the idea, these wedding dresses for pregnant women are usually more economical.

On the other hand, speaking in relation to custom-made wedding dresses for pregnant women, their great disadvantage is the price, they are usually incredibly more expensive than those in stores, but think about it a little, you will be with a person who is totally dedicated to your dress, where you can make all the changes you want without any limit.

Undoubtedly the biggest advantage is that you will look like a goddess, professional seamstresses know how to enhance the features and silhouettes of their customers, you will not have to worry because your dress is uncomfortable in one part, or because you do not like a certain part of the design, made to measure you will get 100% of what you want.



Pregnancy wedding dresses are the best option to get married if we have our baby in our tummy, it would be too uncomfortable to see you in your own wedding suffering because you don’t have any comfort because of the common bulky dress you bought in any store.

Even if you decide to buy it or make it yourself, I am proud that you have come this far and that all the information we have provided you will help you so that at your future wedding you not only look radiant, but you will be totally comfortable until the end of the night, See you in a future article!

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