How to make wedding centerpieces?


Among all the aspects that must be taken into consideration during the decoration of your wedding, one that cannot go unnoticed are undoubtedly the centerpieces. As the name implies, they are the center of the wedding decoration.

So in this article I will tell you how to make wedding centerpieces that look splendid both at the party and wearing the photographs that will be taken on this special day. Do not take your eyes off until the end of the article.


The protagonists of the wedding

Nowadays, the centerpieces have taken a great role in the parties, because a meticulous search is made to choose the best option according to the style of the party.

Types of centerpieces for wedding

Next I will tell you how to make wedding centerpieces that best fit the style and decoration of each party.

  • Tall centerpiece

How to make tall wedding centerpieces:

  • Tall wedding centerpieces are a very elegant and original idea.
  • Its base is usually made of cylindrical and transparent glass.
  • They can be accompanied with small candles.
  • Tall centerpieces are ideal for large settings.
  • This flower arrangement should not exceed 70 centimeters, to avoid blocking the vision of the guests.


  • Vintage centerpiece

How to make vintage wedding centerpieces:

  • A very in trend style of wedding centerpieces are vintage style centerpieces.
  • They tend to be much cheaper styles that can fall into the category of «DIY».
  • Examples of vintage centerpieces include pieces of wood with different cuts and shapes, flowers, dried fruit, or candles.


  • Centerpieces with candles

How to make wedding centerpieces with candles:

  • Candles add a beautiful touch to your wedding centerpieces.
  • Candles should be odor-free to avoid disturbing guests and the odor mixing with the smell of the food.
  • Consider that the candles should remain lit throughout the celebration. They can use large or electric candles.
  • Keep in mind that tall candles add height to the centerpiece without ruining it.
  • To change the shape of your centerpiece, use candle holders.
  • Consider adding objects around the candles.


  • Illuminated centerpieces

How to make wedding centerpieces with candles:

  • Centerpieces that provide a more pleasant light to the place of the event.
  • Led lights, floating candles and battery-powered candles are used.
  • Place a mirror under the lights to create a spectacular effect.


Find the best ideas on how to make wedding centerpieces here

These are the best ideas for how to make wedding centerpieces that will enliven both your party and the photos that are portrayed that day. I hope I have helped you with this blog to answer your question about how to make wedding centerpieces.

Allow me to portray every unforgettable moment of tonight in photographs that will last the rest of your life and relive every moment of what will be one of the most special days for you and your partner. Contact me!

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