How to make giant frames to take photos at parties?


Because every wedding is a party, and you need to have fun. What better way to achieve it than having beautiful and fun photographs with a unique accessory such as giant frames.

In this article, I’ll show you how to make giant party photo frames and 3 frame design ideas that will go great with your wedding theme.

Plus, do you want to know the latest trend in giant frames to take photos at spectacular weddings? read until the end.


Fun and unique photos! giant frame for taking photos at weddings

Make sure your guests, you and your partner can take fun pictures on your wedding day. Giant photo frames to take pictures at parties add a fun and different touch to photos and allow you to capture the joy on everyone’s faces.


Types of giant frames to take photos at weddings

Giant photo photo frames to take pictures at parties are extremely easy to make and can be made from a variety of materials that are easily found in a craft store.


  • Giant frames made of Styrofoam

Rigid and lightweight sheet of large size. Excellent material for creating giant frames for taking photos at parties and weddings.

Cut out a rectangle in the center of the sheet, decorate and the giant wedding photo frame is ready.

With this material you can also play with the shapes of the frame and create fun and unique designs for your wedding photographs.

  • Giant wooden frames

Have a wooden frame cut and then feel like an artist decorating it in your style, seeking to capture the essence that you want to convey of your wedding day through the photographs.

Important fact: take care that the wood is neither heavy nor thick, so that it is easy to hold the frame while everyone takes their pictures.


Styles on how to make giant frames to take photos at parties

Create amazing and inexpensive giant frames to take photos at your wedding. Use the following styles to get great photos with giant frames.

  • Vintage Style

Giant vintage party photo frames are the most popular.

If you want to achieve this style, I recommend you go for frames made of wood. Or else, use frames made of Styrofoam.

This style of frames manages to give a rustic, natural and romantic touch to your photographs. Create memorable photos with a giant frame to take photos at weddings with a vintage style according to your wedding decoration.


  • Floral Style

If your wedding decoration is characterized by flowers, a giant wedding photo frame decorated with flowers is the best option!

Use frames made of Styrofoam and decorate it with flowers of various materials.

A very popular style also at weddings, raising the romanticism of the couple in their photos.


  • Creative Style

If your wedding has a different style than the conventional, then your giant frame for taking photos at weddings can not be conventional either!

Go out of the ordinary and create colorful, asymmetrical or thematic frames according to your wedding decoration, so that your photographs are fun and eye-catching, making everyone happy when they see them.

The Styrofoam is perfect for this style of frames, since it gives you the flexibility to create the designs that you imagine. 


The new trend of giant frames to take photos at weddings


  • Neon Style

The neon style of giant party photo frames is the latest trend for wedding photography.

Create giant frames where people can pose in front of it and capture spectacular photos.

For this style of frames, you need to build a metal, wood, or PVC frame to hold the neon sign, decorate it to your liking, and voila! It becomes the best spot for wedding photographs.


The best ideas of giant frames to take photos at parties can be found here

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