El Cubo – One of the best coworking spaces in Guatemala


From experience I can say that having your own office can end up being a burden for many entrepreneurs nowadays. However, how to maintain the professionalism of a workspace without facing the expenses that this entails? The solution is coworking.

Therefore, in this article I am going to show you the benefits of working in a coworking space and I will tell you about my personal experience working in one of the best coworking spaces in Guatemala called: El Cubo – One of the best coworking spaces in Guatemala Do not take your eyes off until the end of this article.


What is Coworking?

Coworking is known as a shared office space in which freelancers, teleworkers and entrepreneurs can obtain the services that a traditional office offers such as:

  • Space to work
  • Hold meetings
  • Have internet
  • Coffee shop
  • Interaction with others

Without having to invest too much money in your own office with all the responsibilities that it entails.

Also, coworking is a free space for any kind of professional who requires an office space, whether they are entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, online community managers, journalists, consultants, among others, with an internet connection to be able to work properly.


Advantages of coworking spaces

  • Flexibility

Coworking offices have the advantage of offering different plans depending on the hours that a person requires in contracts that are not so long, whether they are monthly or day passes.

The flexibility that coworking offers varies from

      • Ample free spaces to sit down to work
      • Private and dedicated desks
      • All-inclusive offices
      • Rooms for meetings or events
  • Own space

Working in a coworking space gives you the opportunity to have your own space, be it a desk or closed office that motivates you to work, meet and be more productive without worrying about expenses such as electricity, water, rent and others.

  • Reasonable prices

Working in a coworking is the option that gives you the best quality and price ratio that exists in the market today. It gives you all the professionalism that a traditional office offers you at much less than half the price.

  • Expand your networking

The coworking space is the perfect place to develop relationships between coworkers and thus discover new opportunities.

It’s a great way to effortlessly increase your network of contacts by building relationships with other coworkers over lunch, coffee, free time, or at any event.

Having understood better about the advantages of working in a coworking space, I want to share my experience with El Cubo.


What is El Cubo – One of the best coworking spaces in Guatemala?

It is not an office place, it is a community place

El Cubo – One of the best coworking spaces in Guatemala is a coworking space located in the regional area of ​​Sacatepéquez that, beyond offering an office space for different professionals, its focus is aimed at creating a community where more jobs can be generated and new job opportunities can be created.


Create, Collaborate and Cultivate

The three words that identify the Cube

Why these three words?

The philosophy that accompanies El Cubo is to create a community where through mutual collaboration and cultivation of the work of each of the members who pass through El Cubo leaving their grain of sand, new jobs and projects can be created.


What makes El Cubo an ideal place to do coworking?

El Cubo is not a place to simply come to work in a space where there is Internet; more than that, it is the connection and opportunity that El Cubo – One of the best coworking spaces in Guatemala gives you to create and develop your capacity with other members.


Eco-friendly coworking in Guatemala

Work and get inspired with nature

The facilities that El Cubo – One of the best coworking spaces in Guatemala offers you will not be found anywhere else. It is pro-ecology coworking and they project it in every corner of their workspaces.

  • Outdoor work areas
  • Eco-friendly coffee bar
  • Furniture made with material from Guatemala
  • High presence of echo filters throughout the building
  • Zero plastic
  • Own garden on your roof
  • Own vegetables and plantations used in your restaurant



On July 28, Jorge Ortiz, photographer in Antigua Guatemala had the opportunity to collaborate with El cubo and Start With a Smile Project, where for the donation of food he had a professional photograph in exchange.

Several members of El Cubo had the opportunity to participate in this noble cause.


Come and have the experience of El Cubo

Editing the photos and videos of each of the weddings I have the pleasure of attending in a coworking space like El Cubo completely changes the work experience and inspires me to try twice as hard.

In addition, it gives me the opportunity to connect with more entrepreneurs like me and work together, and even meet potential girlfriends and boyfriends with whom I could work on their special day.

If you are in Guatemala and you are looking for a space to go to work at an excellent price, I blindly recommend the coworking space that El Cubo – One of the best coworking spaces in Guatemala offers you.

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