Casual wedding photos – lifestyle


Are you looking to take casual wedding photos – lifestyle to start this new stage where you will live together? Or are you rather a photographer looking for tips to take excellent lifestyle photos? Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place.

So, read until the end of this blog to learn more about lifestyle photography and 5 fundamental aspects to achieve excellent results.


Casual wedding photos – lifestyle

Lifestyle photography is a style of photography whose main objective is to capture portraits of people in real life situations, events or landmarks in an artistic way. The art of everyday life, telling stories about the life of the couple.

Despite the fact that lifestyle photography as its name suggests, is about telling a story and documenting the natural environment of the couple, lighting and pose still play a very important role.


Characteristics of lifestyle photographs

Next, I share some fundamental aspects to obtain some casual photos of the bride and groom in the casual wedding photos – lifestyle.

  • Informal photographs

Lifestyle photography is “posed” in an informal way, with the photographer giving some pointers and then documenting the natural responses and candid moments that follow.

When wanting to capture in the photographs as its name says “lifestyle moments”, it is essential that the photos appear as natural and planned as possible. No traditional poses, no staring at the camera.

But capturing every movement and look that they make around, capturing every gesture, smile and even grimace, because in this way the photographs convey a completely natural essence.


  • Natural light

For the casual wedding photos – lifestyle style, natural light is often used too much, which creates a unique and special look in the photographs. Straining the couple strategically with natural light to achieve a “real life” effect, but also with some external lighting, so that it appears that it already exists in the environment.


  • Incorporate the environment

The environment they select should always highlight the lifestyle they want to project in the photographs. When choosing the setting, always make sure you have enough variety of items to play with in order to create the casual wedding photos – lifestyle you want.


  • Capture the moments in between

The moments in between are the moments that make lifestyle photography what it is. Even though you have a shot list, with lifestyle photography you always have to shoot too much.

As a photographer, I never stop clicking the camera in a casual wedding photos – lifestyle photoshoot! The beauty is in the details, in the moments that are almost lost. Those expressions, moments, and interactions are critical to creating an authentic and genuine story that resonates.


  • Having fun is the key!

As a photographer I care about creating a comfortable and relaxing experience for the bride and groom during the lifestyle photoshoot. Well, the main thing is that they have fun and feel as if it were an ordinary day that is portrayed forever.

If you have found these 5 aspects relevant to taking casual wedding photos – lifestyle, you may also be interested in reading 5 tips for the best wedding photoshoot in Guatemala. 

Get the best casual wedding photos – lifestyle here in Guatemala!

My name is Jorge Jarquín, a professional wedding photographer in Guatemala and I am here to make your dreams come true and give you and your partner the most spectacular casual wedding photoshoot in Guatemala that you have ever seen.

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Allow me to portray every unforgettable moment of tonight in photographs that will last the rest of your life and relive every moment of what will be one of the most special days for you and your partner. Contact me!

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