10 wedding traditions you can’t stop doing


Everything has a reason for being, and many things that are done for the wedding day come from traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, and today they are an indispensable part of this great celebration for many couples.

Next, I will tell you the 10 wedding traditions that you can’t stop doing on this special day, their reasons and origins.


Wedding traditions


1. Something Blue

Have you ever heard that brides should wear something borrowed, something new, something old, and something blue.

Among the wedding traditions that we see more frequently, is that the bride wears something blue during the wedding, as it is an act that symbolizes the fidelity that is desired in the marriage.

It is said that this tradition has its origin in ancient Israel, where brides wore a blue band that symbolizes purity, love and fidelity.


2. Something Borrowed

Continuing with this same line, now we continue with something borrowed. Among the wedding traditions is also that the bride wears a jewel of someone who is happily married.

It is believed this tradition is given because in the past it was believed that if you borrowed something from someone who is happy in their marriage, you would attract happiness to yours.

Today this tradition is still carried out, but rather as a symbol of closeness to a person. A friend, family member or someone special lends the bride something to wear on the wedding day as a detail of that closeness between the two.

They can be earrings, a handkerchief, a brooch, a garter… The important thing is that it comes from a person to whom you have a special affection, and do not forget to return it later.


3. Something new

Among the wedding traditions there is also the use of something new. The tradition of the bride wearing something new on the wedding day has its origin in the belief that the new represents their new life in common, the hope of starting something new together and happily.

It is one of the easiest traditions to carry out for brides, since usually something new is always used on the wedding day: the dress, the shoes, lingerie, earrings or the same headdress.


4. Something Old

Culminating in this 4-step tradition, we have among the wedding traditions that you can’t stop doing is using something old. And why something old? you will be wondering.

The answer is that, it is tradition the bride wears something old on the wedding day, since it symbolizes the union with the past, that is, that although the bride is going to start a new life with her husband, the ties continue with family and friends, those important people who have been accompanying her since childhood.

It is a very beautiful tradition, since many brides wear something that reminds them of a special person, be it their mother, brothers, grandparents, friends… even someone who is no longer physically present but who they want to remember on that day.


5. The white dress

Among the wedding traditions that you can’t stop doing is definitely wearing a white dress. At first it symbolized the purity and innocence of brides.

It is believed that the popularity of this color comes from 1840 when Queen Victoria of England wore a dress of this color for her wedding.


6. The engagement ring

One of the most beautiful wedding traditions that is customary in most countries is for the groom to hand over an engagement ring to the bride with the intention of agreeing on the bond.

This must be carried on the ring finger through which the “amoris vein” passes directly from the heart. The tradition is attributed to Archduke Maximilian of Austria, who in 1477 gave a diamond ring to his fiancée.


7. The veil

Among the wedding traditions is that the bride wears a veil at the beginning of the ceremony. It is originally believed to symbolize youth and purity.

It is an act where the groom is the only one who can lift the veil of the bride once she reaches the altar. Also, in ancient Rome, it was believed that it was a way to protect the bride from envious stares and jealousy.


8. Not seeing the bride before the wedding

Another of the wedding traditions that we frequently find is that the groom does not see the bride before the wedding. The possible origin of this idea is at the time when marriages were arranged by parents. So many couples seeing their future partner before the marriage could come to regret and cancel the wedding.

However, nowadays, it is a tradition that causes great expectation in the couple, since the first meeting they have will be when the bride goes down the aisle completely arranged to join forever with her partner.

This tradition really makes it possible to capture beautiful wedding photographs, as it captures the emotion of both the groom and the bride when they come face to face. It really is beautiful photographs that are captured thanks to these wedding traditions!


9. The groom arrives earlier

Among wedding traditions, it is believed that the groom must arrive at church before the bride to attract good luck.


10. The bouquet

Another of the wedding traditions includes the bouquet that the bride carries as she walks down the aisle directly to the groom. This wedding tradition represents the emotions, nature and delicacy of the bride.


Beautiful Wedding Traditions Capture Beautiful Photographs

I definitely love my job! And being able to show so many meanings and emotions through wedding photography is my passion.

Each of these wedding traditions are captured in an instant to remain for eternity, so we can later remember and tell our loved ones the meaning of each of them when we see them again. I would love to immortalize these traditions of your wedding through my photography.


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